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KalOnline-X Patch
Feb 23, 2022

Doggebi Lord.

The silk obtained from Doggebi Lord has been increased to 20 instead of 5 only.

G70 Weapons Drop Rate is now 100% From Doggebi Lord.

G70 Side Part drop chance has been increased from Doggebi Lord.

Guild Raid.

Sharpening Stone drop rate has been slightly increased in TOI F3.

Guild Raid Boss HP Has been reduced.

Honor gained from Guild Raid System has been increased by 200.

Drop rates from Guild Raid boss has been improved.

Tower Of Infinity.

Since we are trying to keep the balance alive between solo and party areas we have decided the following.

TOI Floor 2 Experience Has been increased.

TOI Floor 2 Monster's Health Has been increased.

TOI Floor 2 Monster's respawn Time has been slightly decreased.

TOI Floor 2 Monster's Damage has been slightly increased.

TOI Floor 1 Monsters Experience has been slightly increased.

Grade 70 Mains has been added Floor 1 and 2 with an extreme low rate especially at Floor 1.

Grade 75 weapons has been added to TOI Floor 3.

Grade 70 Mains drop rate has been increased at TOI Floor 3.

PvP Systems.

AFK check at battlefield has been fixed.

Staying in your team's base for more than 1 min will get you ported to narouth and kicked from battle field directly.

Even if you were moving in your base you will be kicked out.

After being kicked our you won't be able to join the battlefield again, you gonna lose the hp/rp and I won't fix that for you.

Traingular Battle Buff system has modified.

Buffs are now getting refreshed every 150 seconds instead of 70.

Emblem Pull And Set Duration is now 25 instead of 15.


Arrow Rain damage has been increased.

Lvl message has been moved to level 81 instead of 71.

Floor 10 and Raid Experience has been increased.

Grade 70 Recolor will be included in the next update.

Newcomers boss experience has been increased.

New Suits Will be added in the next update as well, giving same stats and lasts for 1 month as well.

Grade 65 gear can be obtained now from the newcomers boss at E-mok Island.

What are we planning next and what are we working on nowadays? we are currently working on a brand new area which gonna mainly based on old school gameplay, the whole idea of this new area will be introduced in the next updates besides that we are working on Floor 4 and 5 in TOI which gonna include a new shiny monsters and party area.

Stay tuned for more information.