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Sep 1, 2023
Oct 4, 2023
Nov 1, 2023
Oct 7, 2023
Oct 23, 2023
Mar 28, 2023

>Tower Of D'evah

-Tower Of D'evah has been unlocked.

-Tower Of D'evah Gate is located in Temp fort next to accessories crafting manager.

-No Quest is required to enter Tower Of D'evah.

-Grade 65 Main parts can be dropped only in Tower Of D'evah and E-mok Island.

-Tower Of Priest Daily quests has been shifted to TOD.


-Ring is now available for crafting.

-Ring requires the same amount of items to be crafted.

-Treasure Boxes has been added to Forest Of Elements.

-Treasure Boxes has been added to all Cities.

-Treasure Boxes has been added to Dungeon 4.

>Event Manager.

-Event Manager is located in Temp fort.

-You can trade your event coins with Event Manager.

-The current coins you have are reflecting the ratio of your right bets in Euro 2024 Championship so far.

-Players will receive more coins after the Final match.

-Please note that you can only choose the two teams in the final only.


-Grade 65 Side Parts Drop chance from Floor 10 Bosses is now 100%.

-Grade 60 Main Parts Drop chance from Doggebi Lord has been increased.

-Extra Battlefield will be held on Monday 21:00 Server Time.

-Please note that there is no Castle War next Sunday.


-3 Extra E-mok Certificates has been added to starter package.

-Third Job Quest Difficulty has been reduced.

-PVE Damage Scrolls has been added to Starter package.

-Ghosts and Guards HP has been reduced.

-Starter package now contains more normal and golden experience stones.

-Beginners and Intermediate Picture of Hell experience has been increased.

-A full guide for newcomers will be posted on Discord.

*You can obtain your update present by clicking R.
Top BF Winners
# Name Win Draw Lose Kills
1 Roki 67 3 41 3105
2 Gucci 63 3 43 4731
3 TEM 58 3 46 2412
4 MoDa 58 2 37 1780
5 Gorn 58 2 43 1470
6 eTrunks 56 3 44 1216
TOP TB Winners
# Name Win Lose Kills
1 GodFather 21 14 934
2 KoJi 20 13 978
3 Flint 19 15 484
4 Valik 18 12 522
5 BellyTheKid 18 13 1707
6 DerEchte 18 13 524