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> Third Job.

-Third Job Quest is now available.

-Third Job Quest's NPC is located in temp next to Jaw Ga, 2nd Job change NPC.

-Element Collecting official is located next to Third Job Quest NPC.

-Exchange rate for Imperfects is 100%.

-You Don't need defender's sword to complete your Third Job Quest.

-Once you accept the Quest you will find the list of requirements in "Q".

-Imperfects can be dropped in Forest Of Elements and Tower Of Priest.

-You need 200x Imperfect of each.

>E-mok Island Part 1.

-E-mok Island is now available.

-E-mok Island teleporter NPC is located in Temporary Fort, next to Buff Fairy.

-E-mok Island Certificate can be obtained only by voting.

-E-mok Island daily time is 1 Hour, Honor Rank doesn't affect the daily time of E-mok.

-E-mok Island serves low levels and new comers pretty well.

-E-moogie Scale can be dropped from all monsters in E-mok island with different rates.

-Magicians can play Sealeds respawns on 59+.

-Ghosts can be found in front of the main entrance for E-mok Island and over hills.

-Twisted Guards are for mages who are willing to play with storms.

-Twisted Demon Patrols are for higher level PA's who are willing to grind some experience and drop E-moogie scale.

-Twisted Demon Patrol and Guards can be found on E-mok beach.

>Forest Of Elements.

-Forest Of Elements is now available.

-Forest Of Elements has its normal spawns with some additions to make sure it's bot free.

-Wood big area has been removed and edited to fit 4x spots of fire minors for mages.

-Majors has 4x spots in every main area.

-Grade 60 / Grade 62 can be found in Majors.

>Tower Of Priest.

-Tower Of Priest is now available.

-Tower Of Priest is mainly made for Third Job gameplay.

-Floor 1 is mainly made for God of Sword and shorter cooldowns.

-Floor 2 and 3 is mainly made for longer cooldowns.


-A new vote box has been added.

-The new vote box will be added as a vote reward by mid-night with the daily quest reset.

-2 Hours Picker Pet has been added to the new Vote Box.

-2 Hours Lucky Key has been added to the new Vote Box.

-1 E-mok Certificate 1 hour duration has been added to the new Vote Box.

-PvE Boost with additional 5% PvE damage has been added to the new Vote Box.

-Golden Experience Stone with additional 5% has been added to Vote Box.

-200 Mana Medicine has been added to the new Vote Box.

-New items in Vote Box has an upper limit of 10x.

>Treasure Boxes.

-Treasure Boxes count has been increased everywhere.

-Pet Food has been added to Treasure Boxes.

-Treasure Hunter has been added to Treasure Boxes.

>Pet Crafting.

-Pet Trainer NPC has been added.

-Pet Trainer NPC is located Next to EXP Stone Trader.

-You need 2000 Pet Food and 2kk to craft picker or normal pet.


-Newcomers / Low levels Experience has been increased from 1 to 50 and it goes gradually down to 60.

-Quests Experience has been increased.

-Starting gear has been changed into Grade 42/ Grade 40.

-Experience Stones / Baked / Eel Soup / Mana medicine and Medicine numbers has been increased .

-Newcomers buff has been improved.

-Buff Fairy Level Limit has been extended to 60.


-Picture of Hell bug has been fixed.

-Picture of Hell now resets with daily quests at midnight.

-Hp/Wisdom accessories has been added to honor shop.

-Picker Pet from KalCash Shop now comes in a box.

-An additional battlefield has been added on Wednesday

-D1 Room 7 / Room 8 Respawns has been improved.

-D2 Monsters aggro, Experience has been improved.

-D2 Monster's damage has been slightly reduced.

-Mana Medicine limit has been increased to 3000.

-You can now obtain guild raid rewards on multiable characters.

-Mages are now able to hit Guild Raid Boss.

Top BF Winners
# Name Win Draw Lose Kills
1 Iamback 39 1 17 1135
2 Roki 34 1 24 1860
3 LureBitch 33 1 23 1192
4 Shanks 31 1 21 471
5 eTrunks 31 1 22 744
6 L 30 1 18 499
TOP TB Winners
# Name Win Lose Kills
1 Xenoo 14 6 1548
2 KoJi 14 6 701
3 GodFather 14 6 376
4 JamesToney 14 6 260
5 Weedy 14 6 205
6 IcyDragon 14 6 185