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KalOnline-X Patch
Dec 15, 2021

Class Adjustments.

-Bombing Military Adviser Awaken skill damage has been increased.

-Bombing Cooldown has been reduced to match 3rd job skills cooldown.

-Arrows of the master damage has been slightly increased.

-Arrow Rain Damage has been slightly increased.


-The small medicine in the starter back has been replaced with medium ones.

-Welcome back NPC has been added to temp fort for those players who left the server and came back in g55 to get their g60 armor and weapon.

-Transformation eggs are now available in starter pack.

Island of battlefield adjustments.

-Amount of monsters has been reduced/Experience has been increased.

-Monsters attack range has been slightly decreased.

-Respawn time for monsters has been slightly increased.

-Safe zone has been added.


-Channel system has been added to Snow Island.

-Goblins and D6 F1 monsters level has been increased.

-Grade 50 Drop rate has been slightly increased on D2 BOSS / D3 F7-F8.

-You can exchange 10kk for 1 X Gold item.

-Full client has been uploaded to the website.

-Drop table ahs been updated.

-Imperfects are no longer available in the drop table. -Shiny Guard HP has been slightly increased.

Stay tuned for more information.