Latest News & Updates

KalOnline-X Patch
Dec 12, 2021

Christmas Event.

-Christmas Event is now on.

-You can obtain your Christmas gear by Giving a Hello to Santa Claus in temp.

-Snow Island has been added.

-Santa Claus has too many gift boxes for everyone in order to obtain them you will have to kill evil santas and collect x-mas coins!

-The gift boxes contains g65 mains / sides and weapons / dss / kc items with different chances to be found.

-The reward points from poh / raid / f10 / bf and so on will be increased till the end of December.

-25% Bonus on kc purchasing till the end of December.

General Class Modifications.

-In order to add more more balance to the pvp we have decided the follow.

-Devine Suction skill book will be removed.

-Devine Suction will be downgraded to grade 5 for those who upgraded it.

-400k reward points will be sent to those who upgraded it already.

-Pww damage has been adjusted since generals are killable now, We have already tested the damage increase in the castle war.

-Grade 70 shield has been added to Honor Shop.

-PD cooldown has been reduced to match bless CD

-Boom of earth cd has been reduced to match wave of earth cooldown.

-Wave of earth damage has been increased.

-POB scaling has been slightly improved.

-Monsters damage has been slightly decreased to make generals able to tank without Devine Suction.


-Raid system has been disabled until a further notice.

-Floor 10 system has been enabled on daily basis.

-Main parts has been added to floor 10.

-Floor 10 is now dropping 1 main part / 1 side.

Island Of Battlefield.

-Island of battlefield has been added.

-Level required for island of battlefield is 75+.

-Island of battlefield is mainly a party area with 3rd job to replace D6 F1 with a better experience.

-Drop table for island of battlefield will be available on the website.

Tower Of Devah.

-Experience has been increased in tower of devah floor 2 god of swords room by 20%.

-Experience has been increased in tower of devah floor 2 big rooms by 25%.

-Tower Of devah floor 1 monsters level has been increased in order to keep it purple.


-Buff fairy level limitation has been extended.

-Some improvements has been made to the starting gear.

-Slightly pimped weapon has been added to level 71 rewards.


-Movings has been replaced with eels in fishing.

-Egging by time has been changed from 18 to 50 if you are leaving your char afk.

-Blow up arrow cd issue has been fixed.

-Grade 1 decoration now requires 20kk only.

-Nirvana has been disabled in battlefield / Castle war areas.

-TOP floor 9 hp has been decreased by 15%.

-We are aware that people ain't able to put more than 10kk per time in storage therefore we planned to add money bags in this but this will be postponed for the next patch.

Daily Quest Event Winners.

KC will be sent out for the daily quest event winners within few mins after the update is applied.

Castle war..

In order to have a fair castle war we have already announced that stack is forbidden few weeks ago but seems some people who just came back to the server ain't really familiar with it, therefore starting from the next castle war I'll be kicking who ever is stacking, even tho stacking won't be that helpful anymore after the modifications we have just added yet that will be it. Castle war today was kinda buggy since it should have finished earlier yet I had to finish it manually or this was going to last whole night, I do understand that was unfair to Tyrant since they had their flag up till the last second and it should have ended with them as winners yet the situation wasn't intended. For the last time I will be warning about stacks around flag area or stacking over who ever is setting the flag, This will be causing an immediate port to the town or a kick. Thank you for a great 8 months and Merry Christmas, you are the heroes of the story.

Stay tuned for more information.