Latest News & Updates

KalOnline-X Patch
November 30, 2021

Grade 70 Weapons And Gear.

-Grade 70 Side Parts has been added To Goblins in V.o.D.

-Grade 70 Weapons Drop rate has been Boosted everywhere.

-Grade 70 event weapons has been deleted.

Fishing System.

-Rebirths are now available in Fishing System.

-Horns Are now available in Fishing System.

-Moving Scrolls are now Available in Fishing System.

-Fishing buffs has been added with a low chance to fishing system.

Dragon Spirit Scrolls.

-Dragon Spirit Scrolls has been added to the drop table.

-Dragon Spirit Scrolls has been added to KC Shop.

-Dragon Spirit Scrolls values and success rates are totally different from other servers so it won't be easy to reach the maximum values.

Awaken System.

-Nirvana System has been Enabled.

-The system is automatically learned at level 81-86 and max grade is at level 91.

-We will be fixing anything that comes along with nirvana once we get it reported.

Systems And Schedules.

-Battle Field Duration has been reduced.

-Experience gained from Bosses / F10 / Raid / Doggebi lord/MK's has been increased.

-Boss Health has been decreased / F10 / Raid / Mk's / Doggebi lord.

-Schedules has been moved 1 hour ahead.

-Grade 70 Sides / weapons has been added to F10 with a low chance. Mystery Skill.

-Mystery skill has been enabled.

-You can learn it manually from the Npc in temporary fort.


-Starting Level is now 70.

-Grade 60 Gear has been added to starter pack.

-3rd jobs and 2nd job packs has been added to starter pack.

-Starter buff has been boosted.

Christmas Event.

-Christmas Tree is now available in Temp fort.

-Snow Event is now on till the end of December, Bonus Damage Magical and Physical damage.

-Christmas Event Kicks of with Christmas Island on

with lots of rewards.

-Snow is now falling on Temp Fort.

Dungeons Edits And Improvements.

-Tower Of Priest Floor 5 Drop rate and Experience has been improved.

-Tower Of Devah Solo rooms which was made mainly for gos's got their respawn cd removed.

-Tower Of Priest Floor 4 HP has been improved.


-Daily Quest Event is kicking Off tonight.

-Voting Event Kicks off tonight with a brand new item to avoid the abuse.

Road Map.

Within the next few weeks we are planning to add Tower of infinity alongside with Christmas Events which will be kicking off on December, Guild raid is a part of our future plans since too many people asked for it, For newcomers we are planning to add training grounds with a level limitation and much more to come, Thanks for pushing us that far.

Stay tuned for more information.