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KalOnline-X Patch
August 16, 2021

Grade 65 Weapons/Side Parts.

Grade 65 Weapons / Sides has been Added to Tower Of Priest F9.

Grade 65 Weapons / Sides has been Added to E-mok Scorpions / Twisted Demons / Boars and Bears.

E-mok has the highest chance to drop Grade 65.

Tower Of Priest And E-mok Island.

Experience At F9 has been increased to match current Scorpions Experience.

Tower Of Priest Monsters HP has been slightly increased.

Experience gained from Scorpions has been slightly increased, Not the same huge difference between F9 and Scorpions anymore.

Tower Of Priest F7 Monsters HP has been decreased.

Wraith Monsters has been removed from Tower Of Priest F7.

MK's now drop Grade 60 Side parts 100%.

You are able to drop Grade 60 Chest/Shorts From F8/F9 now.

Tower Of Priest Floors 1-3 Experience has been increased to match the other solo areas.

Tower Of Priest Floor 4 Expeirence has been improved.

Amulet Mission.

Grade 60 Amulet Has been added.

Grade 60 Amulet Mission NPC has been added to Temporary Fort.

You are able to complete the quest only one time with your character and the amulet is account bound.

You will be able to Choose one out of 4 Amulets , Defense, Hp, Evaison and Otp one.

In order to craft the new Amulet you need to collect the required Items from certain areas which will be mentioned in the Quest.

Class Adjustments.

Devine Suction Skill Upgrade has been removed from all the Generals and the 90k reward points has been added back to their pocket.

Devine Suction Skill book now costs 350k Rewards Point instead of 90k due to it's huge impact.

Hypnotism has been boosted a little bit since it was nerfed to the ground in the last patch.

SD Damage has been boosted on some classes.

Thunder damage now is fine on Generals since Devine Suction upgrade ain't there.

God of Sword 2nd job main skills has been improved in PVE.

Spin Slash Damage has been slightly increased.

Honor Shop.

Grade 62 Honor Weapons has been added to Honor Shop.

The Rest of G3 Buffs has been added to Honor Shop except Critical buff.

Devine Suction skill book price has been updated.

More changes are coming to Honor Shop soon.

Grade 65 Shield has been added to Honor shop.


Starting Level is now 30.

Event Quests From 1 to 30 has been removed.

Level 50 Job Change package has been added to Starter Package.

Experience Gained From Low level quests has been boosted.

Tower Of Priest Floor 1 Teleporter has been added to Temp Fort.

1x Saving has been added to Level 61 and 62 Task Quests.

Pouws drop rate has been increased.

Stay tuned for more information.