• Skill
    Skill Knight
    Icon Name Acquirement Condition skill_level MP Requirement Cool Time Execution Time Max. Limit
    Powerful Upward
    Lv 50 4 36~60 6 0 -
    Lifting up the weapon strongly after stabbing the weapon deeply in to the enemies’ body. When you make a hit, you will earn 1 Death Blow Point.
    Brutal Attack
    Lv 53 5 15~35 0 0 -
    By using the Death Blow Points, conduct a brutal attack to the enemy.
    Death Blow Point is required when using this skill. Damage increases by the current Death Blow Points.
    Lv 50 1 0 0 0 -
    By using your weapon, you can parry the enemy's attack. Two Hand Sword must be equipped.
    Lv 52 2 50~54 10~12 0 -
    Rushing to the enemy and enemy gets stiff instantly. But distance must be more than 60 to use this skill.
    Lv 53 6 215~290 180 0 -
    Offensive power increases as defensive power decreases.
    Half Swing
    Lv 54 5 58~94 5 0 -
    Swing a weapon and attack enemies in the front area of 180 degrees. You must equip two handed sword to use this skill.
    You will earn a Death Blow Point when you make hit more than one enemy.