• Jobs & Job Tree
      • Knight
        Knight always prepares the perfect body for the battle. They sharpen and repair their dull swords and armors from the battles.
        Also they practice to dodge the enemies' attacks and fight between life and death in every battle.
      • They have to kill all the enemies, or death will come to them.

        Job Tree & Features of Knight

        1. Wandering Knight
        They’re strong at infighting, but they’re not specialized at offense nor defense.
        2. Apprentice Knight
        The first step of knight which can learn basic skills of knight.
        3. Commander:
        They have specialty on defense and get skill to control its ability but the offense is about average.
        4. Vagabond Sword-man
        They have specialty on offense but the defense is about average.
        5. General
        They have specialty on defense and skills to increase allies' abilities.
        6. God of Sword
        Their battle skills go mostly on offense and give up some of defense.
        So their skills of managing weapon are great,
        but they may have some limits on managing shield and armor skills