• Skill
    Skill Thief
    Icon Name Level Requirement Skill Max Level MP Cool Time Casting Time Max Limit
    Dance of Killing [Active] 50Level/ 2nd Job Change 2 50-75 40sec - -
    Momentarily intensify your energy to deliver a shower of attacks to an enemy.
    Spin Attack [Active] 50Level/ 2nd Job Change 3 75-175 20Sec - -
    Inflict area-effective damage to surrounding enemies.
    Counter attack [Active] 53Level/ 2nd Job Change 5 45-165 60Sec - -
    When attacked, reflect a certain amount of damage to the attacker for this skill’s duration.
    Armor Breaker [Active] 54Level/ 2nd Job Change 5 65-185 30sec - -
    Attack the armor of an enemy to decrease the Defense for a set duration.
    Twin Blade Strike [Active] 60Level 1 65- 10minute - -
    Inflict great damage with dual daggers.
    Counter Offensive [Active] 63Level/ 2nd Job Change 5 80-120 90Sec - -
    If a Counter offensive is activated, some amount of?received damage will be reflected to enemies within a certain range.