• Skill
    Skill Thief
    Icon Name Level Requirement Skill Max Level MP Cool Time CastingTime Max Limit
    Fatal Wound [Active] 53Level/ 2st Job Change 3 45-105 30Sec - -
    Ambush an enemy to inflict fatal wound that causes continuous damage for a set duration.
    Ankle Amputate [Active] 54Level/ 2st Job Change/ Fatal Wound1 3 55-75 20Sec - -
    Attack the ankle of an enemy to slow down the Movement Speed.
    Suicidal Blow
    56Level/ 2st Job Change 5 85-245 10minute 3Sec -
    Consume a certain amount of your HP to deliver a powerful attack; has high Hit Rate, but can be used only when your HP is 60% or higher.
    Vital Strike [Active] 56Level/ 2st Job Change 3 65-125 30sec - -
    When a target’s HP is 30% or lower, attack the weak spot to inflict great damage and cause the Stun effect. If the target’s HP is higher than 30%, this skill only inflicts damage.
    Rupture [Active] 58Level/ 2st Job Change Ankle Amputate 1 5 65-185 2minute 2sec -
    Deliver a powerful blow that inflicts continuous damage.
    Final Blow [Active] 60Level/ 2st Job Change Rupture2 2 All MP 10minute 2sec -
    When a target’s HP is 50% or lower, spend all of your energy to deliver a critical blow.