• Skill
    Skill Thief
    Icon Name Level Requirement Skill Max Level MP Cool Time Casting Time Max Limit
    Silence Step
    Third Class 1 - - - -
    By improving the way of walking, movement speed of a character in hiding gets higher. This is only available for the character in hiding.
    Wrath of Heaven
    Third Class 6 260~ 300~200 1sec -
    This is only available for the character in hiding and to attack an enemy silently and impetuously with a sword on which virulent poison is painted.
    Poison damage will be added when fatal attack has applied.
    Spin Blade Third Class 5 180 180 0.5 -
    A kind of wide-ranging attack with a sword dance. The higher skill-level, the more number of hits at once.
    According as its skill-level increses, extra on-target points are added.