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KalOnline-X Patch
July 04, 2021

E-mok Island

E-mok island teleporter has been added to city of Narouth.

E-mok drop rate is way better than other areas.

Level required for E-mok island is 50.

E-mok drop table has been added to the website.

You can only obtain one cert from Level 50 daily quest + the daily time which resets everyday.

Honor shop

G60 / G55 Shields has been added to honor shop.

Divine Suction skill book has been added to honor shop.

Raid And Battlefield

Raid system now starts only 2 times per week.

Raid rewards has been changed.

Raid system starts Friday/Saturday.

Besides the honor and reward points raid system now gives a box which includes experience depends on the level you are at.

This gift box contains 7 PvE damage boost , 3 experience stones.

The box gonna vanish if you didn't use it.

An extra battlefield has been added.

Extra battlefield has been added on Thrusday.

1 vs 1 tournament will be held on Friday instead of Thrusday starting from this week.

Tower Of Priest Floor 4

Tower of Priest Floor 4 has been unlocked.

10 extra HP abs has been added to dailies.

LA damage has been fixed for shiny parties.

50 Pouw's are required to unlock Floor 4, Other floors will require more.

Pouws trader is located in ToP F3 Last room.


Teleports has been added to starter package.


Snow event will be taking place every Friday 7:00 PM Server time and ends at 7:45 PM server time.

Scrolls event will be taking place every Saturday 7:00 PM Server time and ends at 7:45 PM server time.

Schedule Changes

Castle war / Battlefields and GvG's time has been changed to it's original time at 9:00 PM.

Stay tuned for more information.