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KalOnline-X Patch
June 13, 2021

Picture Of Hell »

Picture Of Hell Has been added.

Picture Of Hell NPC is located in temp near blacksmith.

Picture Of Hell has a 12 hours CD.

Level required for POH is 55.

Do not join POH with more than one character from the same IP or you might get no rewards at all.

Minimum party members required to join POH is 4.

Once you finish POH you will gain 300 honor points - 1500 Reward points.

Daily And Normal Quests »

Smoked salmon which heals 400x HP points has been added to 65+ Daily Quests.

2 Hours Lucky key has been added to Level 64 Daily Quest.

Baked Eel/Eel Soups has been replaced with Eel in Daily quests to be able to get whatever your class needs.

Demon mad knight/Demon water dragon heads are now dropping even if the monsters are grey.

Battlefield »

New battlefield map has been added.

The new battlefield map has 3 NPC's For each team.

Players can choose where to port If it's the Main point/Right point or Left point to avoid respawn kill.

You can only register for battlefield 20 minutes before battlefield starts.

An Extra battlefield will be held right after Castle war ends to test the new map.

Staying AFK more than 5 minutes in battlefield will result in an automatic kick and you might miss the Battlefield rewards.

Newcomers »

Starting gear is now Grade 32/33.

Rewards for first job change quest is now Grade 42/40.

Normal Quests Experience From 1 to 50 has been slightly increased.

Adjustments »

D4 Experience has been Increased since it was totally abandoned after Forest of elements release.

D1 Expel issue has been fixed.

Guard of traitors hangout monster count has been increased in safe hill.

PvP Level diff efficiency has been slightly increased.

Online players rank on the website Level limit has been adjusted.

F/L Bug has been fixed.

Characters adjustments »

IG Critical Damage has been increased in PVE.

You can learn shadow slash on 70 - 72 instead of 70-71.

Perfect Group Cure G2 CD has been decreased.

Shadow Slash critical damage has been fixed.

Thunder storm damage is now based on resistance instead of the buggy defense based one.

SD Damage will be adjusted and tested almost everyday during this week.

Stay tuned for more information.