Latest News & Updates

KalOnline-X Patch
June 06, 2021

-Forest Of Elements is now available.

-Honor Shop has been added.

-Channel System has been disabled in D1.

-Doggebi lord now dropping 4 DLH instead of 2.

-Doggebi lord horn has been added to D3F8.

-Happy hour has been added.

-New Story Line Quests has been added.

-10 Quests NPC's are located in Temp.

-The new Story line Quests starts at Level 61.

-Hunting Boss has been added.

-Hunting is for castle war winners only, GvG winners ain't getting it.

-Hunting take place one time a week.

-Hunting system starts on Sunday right after castle war, Time will be added to the website.

-Level 65 Daily quest has been edited, You can now kill Demon guard and the quest counter gonna count.

-Level 64 Daily quest monsters amount has been increased.

-DT towers hp has been decreased.

-Patrols Archers in D4 Has been replaced with normal melee patrols.

-Poison cloud cast time has been reduced.

-Low Level Daily quests monsters amount has been adjusted and increased.

-Drop rate of some normal quests has been improved.

-Castle war map has been replaced with old MAP.

-Crazy demons, Demon warrior and Demon defender aggro has been reduced.

-Channel system has been added to Forest Of Elements.

-You can now buy stone of birth box from kalcash shop instead of buying it in task.

-Some edits has been made to battlefield map until we are done with a new one.

-Count down will be added to the website within few minutes.

-Calls range has been increased.

Stay tuned for more information.