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KalOnline-X Patch
May 25, 2021

-Cave of giant bird is now available.

-Demon monster respawns every 30 minutes.

-You can obtain one or two keys by killing Demon Monster.

-Demon Monster arm has been added.

-2 Channels are available in D4 Besides Channel 0.

-D4 has been added to teleport stone (Dungeon IV)

-Channels are available in F3 F4 F5 F6.

-Channels has been enabled in D3 F7 F8.

-G55 Gear/G59 Weapons has been added to D4 Monsters.

-G55 Gear has been added to D3 F7/F8 (Low chance).

-G55/G59 Won't be easy to get to keep G50 Value.

-There is no level required for D4.

-There is no queen in D4, For now.

-Flame plants damage in D4 has been reduced.

-Black armored insect/Larva has been deleted from d4.

-64+ Daily quests monsters has been changed.

-Castle War display bug has been fixed, Still testing.

-Agility potion has been added to treasure boxes.

-G42/G40 has been added to NPC'S.

-F1 Teleport price has been reduced to 1.5k.

-Fishing system rates has been slightly increased and improved.

-Channel system revive bug has been fixed.

-Bead of fire on G52 Shield is working, Just a visual bug shows it doesn't give stats, will be fixed in the next update.

-Lord Of shadow troop has been added added to D2.

-SD damage has been fixed on mages/thiefs.

-Monsters amount on devil beach/devil castle/ has been increased.

-Guild time reset option has been removed from the website.

-Ice resistance has been increased for D3F6/F5 Hermits.

-Doggebi lord AOE skill has been nerfed, (still making high damage)

-D3F8 P1 Monsters type has been adjusted.

-Cure 3 invalid cast time has been fixed.

-Honor rank display bug has been fixed.

-Drop table on the website has been updated.

-GvG today has been replaced with a Battlefield, Tomorrow Officers vs Syndicate, KingS vs When on Thursday, 9 PM Server time.

Stay tuned for more information.