Latest News & Updates

KalOnline-X Patch
May 20, 2021

-Mystery/Demon Blood stones has been added to kalcash shop.

-7 Days lucky key has been added to kalcash shop.

-Highland experience has been slightly increased.

-Some edits has been made to battlefield map.

-Losing team buff has been added to battlefield.

-Losing team buff is a G1 buff/ref.

-You will obtain 6x experience stones from voting which lasts for 1 hour each instead of 3x 2 hour experience stones.

-Stone of birth has been added to prophet, level required [50].

-KalCash items are now tradable on level 11 instead of 31.

-Channel system has been added to D3F2.

-Doggebi of black panther in forest has been fixed.

-Daily quests which gives baked eels are now giving eel soup and vice versa.

-You can now destroy account bound items which you obtain from daily quest.

-Daily quests rewards got updated.

-You can now obtain horns by finishing the following daily quests - 52 - 56 - 60.

-G50 mage parts has been added to Shock troopers in high land.

-Polish stones/Rebirths/Horns has been added to D3F6+ Monsters, ( Low chance ).

-Class ranking has been added to the website.

-Killers League ranking has been added to the website.

-Thief passives upgrade is now available starting from level 54 and gets upgraded every 4 level to reach their max grade on level 70.

-Login issues supposed to be fixed with this new engine.dll we will investigate more into it.

-Expert Archers Bug should be fixed, If not please contact me.

-I would like to thank everyone who's really supporting this project especially those who shares suggestions in a decent way.

-Last thing i want to mention, Stop judging your damages with g1 skills and low grade weapons we have tested almost everything before we open the server and everything scales really well so please be patient.

-Drop table on the website has been updated.

-Killers league rank has been added to home page.

-Discord game activity has been added into this update, Thanks to Heth.

-Group cure 2 invalid CD detected has been fixed.

-Skills which were going on cd without being casted are now working fine, keep me updated about it.

-EA's can obtain their compensation by clicking F1 and teleport to temp.

Stay tuned for more information.