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KalOnline-X Patch
Feb 12, 2022

New Accessories.

Dragon Accessories has been added.

Dragon Accessories Crafter is located in Temporary Fort.

In order to Craft the new accessories you need to collect the craftsman tools box from D7 daily quests with the amount mentioned in the quest.

In order to craft the new accessories you also need to collect The Golden Lotus which can be obtain from MK'S and also Treasure boxes.

MK's are now respawning every 12 hour, Schedule will be posted on the website.

Guild Raid.

Guild Raid NPC is located in Tempo Fort.

In Order to enter the guild raid you need to collect 500x of Sharpening Stones which drops from D7 F3.

Guild Raid drops g70 side parts with a low chance / g70 weapons with a decent chance besides HP/RP and finally pve damage boost and invaders silk as well.

You can't damage the guild raid boss with skills, you can only damage it with normal hits and only 1 damage per tick which means you need to gather your guild members before getting it to finish it asap.

Lawless Area.

Lawless Area NPC is located in Temp Fort.

Once you get ported to lawless area you get turned into an ASSASSN which means you can get attacked or attack anyone in the same area.

Besides using the area as a pvp Area we decided to add more intensity to the map.

Lawless Area boss will be respawning every Friday, schedule will be posted on the website once the update is added.

If you decided to leave the lawless area you can only get back in after 10 minutes.

Lawless Area boss drops G70 main part with a low chance / G70 sides / G70 weapons.

Raid System.

Gates has been added so separate different rounds in Raid System.

Monsters Amount/HP/Damage has been increased.

HP/Reward points obtained from Raid system has been increased.

In order to get through the round's gate you need to clear the whole round monsters.

Rewards obtained from the main raid box will also get improved since the monsters are getting stronger.

Destructing Keys.

Destructing Keys Towers HP has been increased.

3rd job has been disabled in GVG maps in general.

4th job has been disabled in GVG maps.

Main Tower HP has been tripled.

Monster Kill Changes.

MK's hp has been increased.

Since people are struggling with aggro bosses we decided to break the mk's down into aggro and damage bosses.

Earth and fire are damage based, Iron, wood and water are aggro based.

Mk's will be respawning every 12 hours which means 2 times per day.

Doggebi Lord.

G70 Weapons has been added to Doggebi Lord with low chance.

Invaders Silk has been added to Doggebi Lord 5x per kill.

Essences drop rate from Doggebi Lord has been increased.


4th Job skills has been disabled in triangular battle.

Hunting System will be held 12:30 AM instead of 12:00 AM to avoid the conflict with City Bosses.

Strike of God CD has been increased to match Destroying Armor's and 4th job skills in general.

Tower Of Infinity Floor 3 monster's size has been adjusted.

Buff Fairy Level limit has been extended.

Honor point has been added to starter pack to start as a specialist, people who didn't start as specialist will get their honor points added.

Time Required to switch channel after being attacked has been increased from 10 seconds to 1 min and 30 seconds.

AFK Check has been improved.

Daily Monster respawn reset has been added to E-mok and HighLand to help with daily questing.

Suit duration has been extended to 1 month instead of 15 days.

G70 Main Parts Drop rate has been slightly increased.

Ascetics 3rd job skills damage has been boosted since it's nirvana is kinda useless.

We are still waiting for the walk on air bugs to get fixed.

Safe zones has been added around valley of devah bosses respawn.

Afk check has been added to battlefield and other pvp's, After being kicked out in battlefield you might not be able to join again the next time.

Tringular battle now starts 10:00 PM Server time instead of 9:30 PM.

Rewards And Events.

Rewards for Daily Quest event has been sent out.

Reward for the Screenshot and videos event has been sent out.

Daily Quest Event ranking has been cleared.

Daily Quest Event kicks off tonight again with the daily quests reset.

TOP 3 ranks of the daily quest ranking obtain 600, 500 and 400 kc and Discord Nitro.

The rest of the ranking till rank 10 obtains kc as mentioned in the ranking.

Rest of the ranking obtains kc randomly according to the items they collected.

Egg Exp Event starts right after the Update.


Enough Honor points has been added to new characters to reach the Specialist ranking.

Buff Fairy level limit has been extended.

Snow Island Experience has been increased.

Skills Adjustments.

Cap damage on shadow slash has been adjust, UG's can deal more damage now.

Destroying Armor and Strike of God are having the same CD now ( normal 4th job cd )

Lightening Summons damage has been slightly increased.

Since we were struggling with G6 soul destruction damage increase and it was getting barely 20 extra damage we decided to add 4 extra grades to sd to make it 5 grades in total to be added.

The 5 skill books for sd will be for the same price as g6 which means 1M reward points.

People who upgraded SD already will get their SD to G10 directly without spending RP again on it.

SD PVE damage has been capped to avoid damage issues with the higher grade SD.

Flame Injection and Icicle damage has been increased to improve Asc's over all damage.

Brutal attack damage has been increased on thiefs since the damage was pretty lame 1k, 1.5k.

Stay tuned for more information.