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KalOnline-X Patch
Jan 24, 2022

Infinite Tower.

-Infinite Tower has been enabled.

-Infinite Tower Teleporter is located in Temporary Fort next to the city's statue.

-Infinite Tower Floor 1, 2 and 3 are now available with their normal entrances.

-Infinite Tower Floor 1 is mainly for god of swords.

-Infinite Tower Floor 2 is mainly made for classes with 3rd job cd.

-Infinite Tower Floor 3 is a party area with the highest experience and drop rate.

-Grade 70 Mains has been added to Infinite Tower Floor 3.

Honor System.

-Players Honor ranking has been reverted to specialist.

-Honor ranking season 2 is kicking off with this update.

-Reward points are staying the same, the changes I've just mentioned ain't affecting it at all.

-Elixirs has been added to Honor Shop.

-Elixirs can be bought from honor shop with different amounts of reward points.

-Elixirs lasts for 3 days.

-You are only able to use the Honor rank elixir if you have reached it's rank already or it's a previous rank.

-Every honor ranking has it's own elixir which adds different powers/stats.

-You can't use 2 Elixirs at the same time , elixirs are also bound.

-For more information about the stats, points you can obtain from elixirs, you can just check out the Honor Shop in city of Naroouth right after the update is applied.

-Honor points has been removed from Doggebi certs.

Costume Mission.

-Costume crafter NPC has been added to Temp fort.

-In order to craft your desired Costume you need to collect Invader's Silk.

-Invaders silk can be obtained From the city Invaders bosses.

-City Invaders are respawning right next to the city gates.

-City Invaders respawns every 6 hours, Notice will be enabled.

-Costumes are bound but the silk is not.

-Every class has 4 Costumes.

-You can obtain 5 Invaders silk per kill.

-Costume lasts for 2 weeks.

-There is no limit on costumes you can trade with the crafter 4 times to get 4 suits.

-Invading bosses can also drop G65 / Certs.


-Tower Of Infinite task quests are located in city of priest.

-Tower Of Infinite daily quests manager is located in temp fort.

-Drop rate and experience gained from low level quests has been increased to match the current areas experience.

-The new task quests are mainly focused on experience and certs as rewards.

-Daily Quest Event will be on again once the update is applied.

-Potions has been added to the new daily quests.

-Scrolls are now available in the new daily quests since the only source for it was the kc shop.


-4th job skill has been disabled in battlefield and pvp areas.

-Shout of Defense cd issue has been fixed.

-Darkness and golden items are not available anymore in the kc store.

-Fishing limit has been increased to 8.

-Reward points obtained from battlefield has been increased.

-Christmas decorations has been removed.

-Snow island is staying to help newcomers to move forward.

-Counter Attack MA skill has been slightly improved.

-Hail damage has been slightly increased.

-4 players are required now to join POH instead of 2.

-Polish stones drop rate has been adjusted in Infinite Tower.

-Level required for battlefield has been changed to 81+


-20k reward points has been added to starter package.

-Newcomers boss experience has been increased.

-Snow Island exp has been increased.

-Level required for D6 is now 70.

-Drop rate of quest items in lower areas has been increased.

Update Size is larger than usual because of Infinite Tower Monsters and map.
Phase 9 Part 2 includes the new accessories, guild raid, lawless area .

Stay tuned for more information.