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KalOnline-X Patch
Jan 03, 2022

Honor shop.

-Skill books has been added for 3rd job skills.

-Every class got their most important 3rd job skill book added to honor shop.

-Spin slash skill book has been added.

-Spin Blade skill book has been added.

-VA Skill book has been added.

-Arrow rain Skill book has been added.

-Shadow slash, icicle , POB , flame injection and soul destruction skill books are now available also at honor shop.

-Every quest costs 1.5m reward points.

-Reward points required for accessories / trinkets has been reduced.

-Amulets are now available in honor shop.

-Grade 1 decoration is now available in honor shop.

-Speed G4 skill book has been added to honor shop.

-Doggebi certificate has been added to Picture of hell, Solo monsters , party monsters and kalcash shop.

-Exp table for level 80-81-82 has been reworked and improved.

MK Rework.

-MK Health has been reduced by 25%.

-G65 main parts has been added to MK, drop chance is 75%.

-MK is now dropping a good amount of rebirths/polishing stones/doggebi certificates/pve damage boosters besides the essences.

-Experience gained from MK has been increased.


-G70 shield has been added to the drop rate.

-G70 weapons attack and stats has been fixed.

-Buff fairy description has been fixed.

-Punishment CD has been reduced.

-Critical Strike CD has been reduced.

-Strike of god visual cd bug has been fixed.

-Final blow CD has been reduced.

-Teleporter NPC has been added to E-mok island entrance.

-Stone of experience trader has been added to temp fort which trades 6x 1 hour stone of exp to 6 hours stone.

-Bound rebirths and moving scrolls which were obtained from the bugged raid system has been removed.

-A new meat has been added to food merchant.

-Grade 65 weapons quest has been removed.

-Grade 65 weapons craft items has been removed.

-Vote button has been added to the website.

-Grade 65 side and main parts has been increased.

-G70 side parts drop rate has been reworked in solo and party areas.

-D6 F2 big rooms respawn time has been slightly decreased.

Vote System.

-Pve Damage boosters has been added to vote box.

-Amount of absorption scrolls obtained from vote box has been increased.

KalCash Shop.

-Doggebi certificates are now available in honor shop

-KalCash required for DSS has been decreased.

-7 days goblin pet has been added to kalcash shop.


-Experience gained/reward obtained from Floor 10 system at level 88 has been fixed

-8 Vs 8 and 6 Vs 6 Duel tournaments has been added.

-POH experience / monsters level/ Monsters drop table has been reworked and improved.

-Grade 70 weapons has been added to Floor 10 bosses with a 25% drop chance.


-Starting gear is now prideful.

-Starting weapon is now imperial / kings.

Daily Quest.

-Experience has been added to Lvl 75+ daily quest, still testing it's efficiency.

-Daily Quest event Kicks off tomorrow.

-You won't rewarded be with 2nd characters once the daily event is over.

-Daily event first rank now gets rewarded with 600 KC instead of 1k kc.

Christmas suits / trees and gonna last until next update.

Stay tuned for more information.