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KalOnline-X Patch
October 24, 2021

VoD Adjustments.

-Teleporter NPC has been added to Valley Of Devah Entrance.

-Special effects has been added to mark Valley of devah respawns.

-Other monsters experience has been replaced with the old goblins experience.

-The other 3 monsters health has been increased.

-Goblins health and experience has been increased.

-Monsters vision has been increased to fix the GOB aggro bug.

-The size of Goblins has been improved.

Halloween Event.

-Halloween Transformation Candy has been added to Scorpions /D6 and valley of devah monsters.

-Halloween Transformation Candy ranking has been added to the website.

-The winner of the Halloween event will get a maxed G70 weapons which lasts for 1 week.

-The TOP 10 rankings of the Halloween will be rewarded in KC / KC items.

-Halloween hats are also added into treasure boxes, Their stats are even better than the G65 with extra evaison/On target point.


-Decoration upgrade has been enabled.

-MK's essences are required fore the decoration upgrade.

Vote Box.

-10x HP Absorption scrolls are now available in vote box.

-500x Mana Medicine are now available in vote box.


-Buffer NPC maximum level limitation has been extended.

-Reward points required for devine suction skill book has been decreased to 200k instead of 350k since it's essential for newcomers.


-E-mok bosses has been replaced with other monsters.

-Eternal stones has been added to TOP F5 drop table.

-F5 Now drops full Grade 60 gear / G62 Weapons.

-Pimp items drop rate has been improved everywhere.

-Grade 60 has been removed from Valley of Devah drop table.

-Doggebi lord drop chances of the grade G65 main parts has been slightly improved.

-D6 F1/F2 experience has been increased.

-Speed up medicine has been added to the merchant.

-D6 F1 monsters hp has been slightly decreased to match Scorpions hp.

Stay tuned for more information.