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KalOnline-X Patch
October 17, 2021

Update - Phase Seven.

Before explaining our update main elements and features we would like to let you know that this is the biggest update we have decided to apply to our server which been running for almost 6 months now, This update is mainly made to show appreciation to those people who been sticking to us since day one till now and also to show that we will never stop doing our best everyday for our community.

Valley Of Devah.

After creating our discord poll it was clear that the majority of our players would like to enjoy Valley Of Devah without 3rd job skills enabled, Therefore we have decided to add Valley Of Devah Part 1 without Third Job Skills.

-Valley Of Devah NPC has been added To Temp Fort.

-Valley Of Devah NPC Ports you directly to the entrance if you are lower than 80 you will need to use it every time.

-Valley Of Devah Part 1 has 4 Types of Monsters, Every monster has it's own Health and Experience.

-We can sort monsters out by levels and it works out on experience and drops as well, There is 4 levels of monsters Starting from crazy Demon worker and ending at Goblins as the highest monsters exp/hp/drop rate wise.

-Valley Of Devah task quests has been added to vod entrance.

-Valley of Devah daily quests has been added to vod entrance.

-All the monsters in VoD are droping G65 Sides/Mains and G65 Weapons.

Raid System.

For 6 months people been going through the exact same thing in our raid system and most of them been running directly to the last stage ignoring the first stages and causing a huge delay in the main process therefore we have decided the following changes and edits in our Raid System.

-Experience gained from monsters in raid system has been increased.

-Unique rewards has been added to every stage right after finishing it.

-If you ain't killing the monsters in a certain stage you won't be able to collect it's rewards.

-There will be also honor and reward points after completing every stage.

-We had decided to add 1 extra raid system on Thursday.

Splashy Area.

We do believe that MA's can't really find their main roles at shiny parties and even some asc's ain't preferring to set shiny the whole day therefore we have decided to set a splashy area besides the shiny area.

-Third Job Skills has been disabled in Tower Of Priest F5.

-Splashy damage has been boosted in Tower Of Priest F5.

-Monsters Sight has been increased in Tower Of Priest F5.

-Monsters On target point has been reduced in Tower Of Priest F5.

-AFK check has been added to Floor 5 and it's totally different method to avoid people abusing it.


Some systems been abandoned since day 1 and we can't ignore this fact, The reasons are different but it's clear and we can understand why people ain't really preferring this type of systems and events, We have decided to make the following changes to optimize and utilize every single system we have.

-Traingular Battle has been removed and replaced with F10 on Tuesday.

-Guild Size has been reduced to 35 official members and 3 temp members, 38 in total.

-1 vs 1 Tournament has been removed and replaced with 3 vs 3 Tournament.

-G65 Side parts has been added to F10 Company system with a decent chance, Not 100% chance for sure.

-RP / HP has been increased from battlefield.

-G65 Main has been added to E-mok boss which respawns every Monday.

-We have added more Objects to our battlefield.

-1 Extra advanced experience scroll has been added to vote box.

-Picture of Hell monsters experience has been increased.

-You can now join picture of Hell 4 times daily instead of 2 ( one time every 6 hours)

-Picture of Hell Monsters HP has been increased.

-Last man standing tournament has been removed.

-Floor 10/Raid system experience has been increased.

-Experience gained from MK's has been increased.

-From now on Stack parties are totally forbidden on both sides attackers and defenders.


In order to make the game easier for our old and new players, There was some stuff which been there from day 1 and we had to let go just to improve the gameplay in general.

-Geons required to teleport from F1 Menu has been removed.

-Geons required to teleport from teleport stone has been removed.

-E-mok island and Tower Of Priest NPC's has been removed and added to Stone of return directly

-All the areas are now available in Stone Of Return menu except D6 and Valley Of Devah.

-Floor Teleporter has been added to Dungeons 3 / 4 to make it easier for people to finish their dailies and jump directly to certain plates.

-Floor teleporter has been added to Tower Of Priest Floor 1 Entrance to move to Tower Of Priest floors / No Pouws required.

-Monsters damage in party area has been reduced to make generals able to tank without bless since people are using MA's nowadays out of party always.

-Grade 65 sides / Mains drop rate has been slightly improved.

Doggebi Lord.

Doggebi lord been neglected for more than 4 months now, Can't recall how many times dl was killed after people got their grade 59 weapons and the doggebi lord horns as well, Therefore we wanted to revive this boss system and make the mirror worth collecting again.

-Doggebi lord Mirrors has been deleted, People can start collecting them again.

-G65 Side parts has been added to Doggebi lord.

-G65 Weapons has been added to Doggebi lord (30% drop chance).

-G65 Mains has been added to Doggebi lord ( lower than weapons).

-Mirrors can be collected from D3 as usual, For more details about certain mirrors check our drop table.


-3rd job now requires 50x Imperfects instead of 100.

-Forest of Elements teleport has been added to Stone Of Return.

-5 Rebirths has been added to starter package

-6 Hours picker pet has been added to starter package

-Buffer NPC level limited has been increased.

-Drop rate of imperfects from Foe minors is now 100%.

-Level required for F10 is now 50+.

-Newcomers boss stats has been lowered.

-VA/POB/DS SPIN are now getting max grade on level 75 instead of 78. -The Grade 55 gear / G59 weapons which lasts for 1 week are now pimped, Instead of the clean ones.

Stay tuned for more information.