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KalOnline-X Patch
September 27, 2021

Tower Of Devah Floor 2.

In this update our main focus is the solo game play therefore we are introducing Tower Of Devah Floor 2, Tower of Devah Floor 2 rooms is being added with it's basic daily quests, There is 2 Types of Rooms in Floor 2 and 8 monsters, The big rooms which gonna contain more monsters with a high hp and a decent respawn cd, The smaller rooms which gonna be mainly targeted by god of swords have less monsters with lower experience.

Tower Of Devah Floor 2 has been added.

Level required for Tower of Devah Floor 2 is 71.

Drop table of Tower of Devah Floor 2 has been added to the drop table on the website

Tower Of Priest.

Too many people been complaining about Tower Of Priest and the shiny parties lately therefore we have decided to apply the following changes to Tower of priest.

Tower Of Priest Floor 4 Respawns are now the same as first Room 1.

Pimp Items Drop rate has been increased in Tower Of Priest Floor 1-4.

Experience gained from Floor 4 monsters has been increased.

Tower Of Priest Floor 4 Security Guard HP has been increased.

Grade 55 / G59 Drop rate has been slightly increased in Tower of Priest Floor 4.

Daily Quest Event.

We are starting the Daily Quest Event again this week, The event gonna start once the daily quests resets to avoid the conflict of people who finished the quests and the people who didn't accept the quests yet, Important hints.
-Do not abandon Daily Quest and try to take it back again, I won't be helping you with that. -Do not save quests for the next day that means you totally the quest for the last day. -The rewards are the same, 1k KC for the first rank 900 for the 2nd and so on.

Grade 65 Weapon Craft System.

Since we ain't planning to increase the G65 weapons drop rate we decided to add an alternative way to obtain the way and at the same time refresh the economy and the areas.

Grade 65 Craft NPC has been added to Temporary Fort.

Craft Items are required to be obtained from different areas with different quantities.

The Quest will contain the whole Item list required and the monsters.

E-mok Island Improvements.

In order to improve E-mok island we had to focus the classic gameplay areas and just start from there to match the mass-killing party areas therefore the following changes and improvements were made, Besides the improvements we decided to add more competition over bosses.

Added more Boar spots on the other side of E-mok island beach.

Experience gained from Boars has been slightly increased.

E-mok island A8 Monster count has been increased.

E-mok island A8 Monsters experience has been increased.

Experience gained from bears has been slightly increased.

E-mok island boss has been added.

E-mok island boss respawns every Monday 6:00 PM Server Time.

3rd job skills will be completely disabled in boss area.


Permanent calls bug been unfair for a long time especially for mages and archers, Many people didn't know about this bug yet it was abused pretty bad in many PvP's and in many private server, We are finally putting an end for the permanent calls bug thanks to our coder.

Permanent Calls Bug has been fixed.

God of sword 2nd job skill damage has been improved PVE wise.

You can use /skinoff to hide the decoration effect.

Grade 65 Side Parts drop rate has been increased.


Since we have almost reached the 5th month of our project, We have to keep an eye on the people who are just starting from scratch with almost no roots to compete with other who been in the server for 5 months, Our changes won't include any increase in the current experience rate for the newcomers but we gonna make their journey little bit easier.

Buff fairy level limitation has been extended to level 70 instead of level 60.

Starter package items amount has been improved.

3rd job only requires imperfects now, No task items needed or DLH.

DLH will be used besides the task items to craft more stuff in the next update.

TOP F1-3 has been improved to help newcomers to farm items.

G55/G59 has been added to level rewards yet those items will vanish after 1 week, So whoever gonna obtain the g55 have to use properly or it will just vanish right after 1 week.

Newcomers boss in E-mok island HP has been decreased.

Attack/ On target point of newcomers boss has been decreased.

Newcomers boss resistance has been decreased to make it easier for mages to make damage on it.

Some quests drop chance is now 100%.

Doggebi Lord.

G60 mains has been added to Doggebi lord.

G62 weapons has been added to Doggebi lord.

Doggebi lord experience has been increased.

Stay tuned for more information.