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KalOnline-X Patch
August 31, 2021


Time Gap between Mk's is now 10 seconds instead of 1 Minute.

Eternity Powder drop chance now is 100% even if you have people who completed the quest in the party.

Essences has been added to MK's.

Mk will be droping 2x Essences per kill.

Tower Of Priest F4 Edits And Animal Exp Event.

Archers has been removed from F4.

Monster count in Tower of Priest F4 has been increased.

Tower of priest F4 Monsters OTP has been reduced to match the new monster count.

Egg Experience event will be on right after the update.

Drops in F4 has been slightly decreased to match the current monster count.

Doggebi Lord And Hunting System.

Experience gained from Doggebi lord has been increased by 50%.

Doggebi lord now drops 2x Grade 60 Side parts 100%.

1x Main part G60 has been added to Hunting Boss + 2x Side parts.

Daily And Task Quests.

New Daily Quests has been added to E-mok Daily Quests NPC.

New Task Quests has been added, The rewards are mainly focused on items not only experience gained.

E-mok daily quests NPC has been changed to make it more unique.

Honor Shop.

Trinkets has been added to Honor Shop.

Huge update coming to honor shoop in the next patch.


Extra skill points has been added.

Extra Saving Scroll has been added to Level 65 Rewards.

Grade 55 Drop rate Has been increased everywhere except in F4.

You won't be able to sell G55 to merchant since it's drop rate increased and we want to make sure that it will be delivered to newcomers.

Experience from 30 to 60 has been slightly increased.


HWID protection on System rewards has been increased to 2x Accounts instead of 1, This gonna be applied on F10/POH/RAID.

1x 2 Hours Animal Exp stone has been added to Vote Box.

Bears OTP has been slightly decreased.

Bears monster count has been increased on E-mok Beach.

BOF Price In KalCash shop has been reduced.

You will be able to receieve trinkets once you reach Level 35 via F/L.

Last man standing now starts 7:20 PM instead of 7:00 PM

Stay tuned for more information.