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KalOnline-X Patch
August 09, 2021

-E-mok Twisted Demons are now solo areas without 3rd job skills.

-Bears OTP/Attack has been reduced.

-Boars monster count has been increased.

-Bears / Boars experience has been slightly increased.

-Grade 50 Parts / Weapon has been added to Level rewards.

-3x Extra Certs has been added to E-mok Daily Quests.

-Majors HP has been decreased to serve newcomers and small parties.

-Drop rate of Lv 70-74 Quests has been increased.

-Map with the solo spawns locations will be posted down here.

-Amount of pouws obtained by finishing quests has been increased.

-Experience gained has been boosted from 1 to 50 samething goes for quests.

-TOP F4 Monsters OTP Has been slightly decreased.

Stay tuned for more information.