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KalOnline-X Patch
August 01, 2021

E-mok Beach.

-E-mok beach is now available.

-E-mok beach has 3 Types Of Monsters.

-Solo Monsters, Boars.

-Bears are Solo Monsters too but a little bit harder.

-Party Monsters, Scorptions.

-Extra 30% Experience Which was added to the E-mok certs has been removed and the Experience has been added directly to the monsters.

-E-mok Teleporter is now located in Temp Fort.

-E-mok drop table has been updated on the website.

-E-mok daily Quest NPC is now Located in Temp Fort.

-Small E-moogie's monster count has been increased.

Tower Of Priest Floor 10.

-Tower Of Priest Floor 10 NPC has been added to Temporary Fort.

-Tower Of Priest Company System takes place 2 days per week.

-By Attending F10 You will be able to gain experience, Honor points and reward points and random item which will be obtained by those who are attacking, Afkers won't be able to gain the random items.

-You can register only one Character per IP for F10 otherwise you won't be able to obtain F10 rewards.

-F10 Takes place on Sunday / Monday 8:00 PM Server Time.

-You can obtain G60 Sides by killing F10 Bosses and you might also drop g62 weapon since it has low chance there.

-Level Required For F10 is 60+.

Honor Shop.

-HP/Wisdom Accessories has been added to Honor Shop.

Demon Queen.

-Demon Queen has been added.

-Demon Queen spawns every week right after weekly maintenance.

-Demon Queen Drops G60 Mains / Sides and G62 Weapons.

-Make sure to go there with enough members or you will just spend too many rebirths, Bless and PD's have a huge effect but yet it won't be easy.

PvP Systems.

-Last Man Standing NPC has been added to Temp Fort.

-Last Man Standing Takes Place on Saturday 8:00 PM Server Time.

-Hide Skill will be disabled in Last Man Standing Area.

-2 Vs 2 NPC has been added To Temp Fort.

-2 Vs 2 Tournament Takes place on Friday 8:00 PM Server time

Doggebi Lord.

-Doggebi Lord Now drops 6x DLH.

-G60 Sides has been added to Doggebi lord with low chance to drop 1 part.

-Experience Gained from Doggebi lord has been increased.

-Doggebi lord HP has been increased.

-Money Gained from Doggebi lord has been increased.

Skills Adjustments, Some adjustments were made already.

-Spin Blade has been slightly adjusted to scale better with grade.

-Shadow Slash Damage has been increased.

-Icicle / FI Scaling per grade and base damage has been increased.

-Level 75+ Asc skills has been improved.


-Leveling from 1 to 30 is way easier now with or without quests.

-Starting Package has been upgraded to include G42 armor and G40 Imperial Weapon.

-Imperects Drop rate in Forest of Elements has been increased since TOP floor had way better drop rate than FOE.

-DLH Drop rate in D3 has been improved.

-Decreased the amount of Imperfects needed for 3rd job from 200x to 100x

-1000 Mana medicine has been added to starter package.

-20x Pouws has been added to each Quest From 60 to 70.

-10x Baked Eel, Eel Soup has been added to Starter package.

Task Quests.

-New task quests are now available.

-The new task quests NPC's are located in City of Priest.


-Vote Box Certificate now lasts for 1 Hour instead of 30 minutes.

-Mk's now respawns in their right sequence.

-Some Kc items has been added to Mk's drops.

-G62 Darkness imperial weapons visual bug has been fixed.

-Picture Of Hell Experience has been increased.

-Money Gained From Hunting Boss Has been increased.

-SBWB drop rate has been decreased everywhere.

-Mixing stones drop rate has been decreased everywhere.

-Hypnotism effect duration has been slightly decreased in battle field.

Stay tuned for more information.