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KalOnline-X Patch
July 21, 2021

Tower Of Priest Floor 8 And Floor 9 .

Tower Of Priest Floor 8 and Floor 9 has been unlocked.

Tower Of Priest Floor 8 Drops G60 Shorts.

Tower Of Priest Floor 9 Drops G60 Chest.

Level required For F8/F9 is 75.

250 Pouws required to unlock both Floors since they are both same experience.

Floor 8 and Floor 9 will be dropping all types of Imperfects to keep their market alive.

Element Masters .

Element Masters has been added to Tower Of Priest.

Element Masters respawn everyday 7:00 PM Server Time.

You are able to obtain grade 60 side parts from Element Masters with a low chance. E-mok Adjustments .

After adding Floor 6 / 7 E-mok got abandoned, Therefor we decided the following.

30% Bonus Experience has been added to E-mok certificate.

30 Minutes E-mok Certificate has been added to Vote Rewards.

Increased Twisted E-moogies monster count in E-mok Island

Honor Shop .

Honor accessories has been added to Honor Shop.

Honor accessories Costs 70k reward each.

Newcomers .

Since Low level players and market is totally gone we have decided to start an event for 1 week.

In order to revive the market of Low level players and to push newcomers a little bit since we already noticed that too many people are joining the server everyday we have decided the following.

During this week all the low level monsters outside cities will be dropping quest items randomly.

Newcomers now start with 10x Exp stones.

Grade 46/48 has been added to level rewards on 43+.

Potions has been added to starter package

Stay tuned for more information.