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KalOnline-X Patch
July 12, 2021

Tower Of Priest.

Tower Of Priest Floor 5-6-7 are now available.

Floor 5 is mainly solo area with high CD on respawn since it's experience is decent.

Floor 6 is a classic game play area at which 3rd job skills and AOE skills will be disabled.

Floor 7 is a 3rd job party area.

100 Pouws are required for Floor 5.

150 Pouws are required for floor 6.

200 Pouws are required for floor 7.

In order to make shiny and Floor 4 more worth to spend time there we have applied the following.

Floor 4 pouws and imps drop rate has been boosted.

Added extra 5 skeleton Monsters to Floor 4.

In order to balance F6 gameplay C/O, Storms, PC and some AOE skills has been disabled there.

Hermits are still doing decent damage in F6.

Task And Daily Quests.

E-mok island Daily Quests has been added.

Levels required for E-mok island Daily Quests are 50-55-60-65-70-73-75.

E-mok island Daily quests manager is located in Narouth, Near Skill masters.

5 Extra Task quests has been added.

The new Task Quests NPC's are located in City Of Priest.

Levels required for the Task Quests are 70-71-72-73-74.

The new task Quests also gives items as rewards not only experience.

Some skill points has been added to the new Task Quests.

In order to complete the new task quest you have to collect 10 items from every Major Element.

Wood Element item will be easier than other elements since it's harder to lure.

Rebirths in Level 74-75 Majors daily quests has been moved to Level 72-73 Daily Quests.

CTB Points has been added to Level 61-69 Task Quests.

Triangular Battle.

Traingular Battle NPC ahs been added.

Trangular Battle NPC is located in Narouth.

Traingular Battle starts every Tuesday 8:00 PM Server time.

Picture of Hell.

Picture Of Hell NPC has been moved to City Of Priest.

Picture of Hell monsters Experience has been increased.

Picture of Hell monsters HP has been increased.

Reward points has been increased to 2k instead of 1.5k

E-mok Island.

E-mok party monsters Experience has been increased.

Twisted/Small Emoogies experience has been slightly increased.

Tiny Twisted Demon warrior experience has been slightly increased, (Solo monster).

Key Parties.

Smoked Salmon has been added to Boxes.

Boxes count has been increased in world map.

Fishing System.

Eels fishing rates ahs been slightly improved.

Smoked salmon fishing rate has been improved.

KalCash Shop.

Darkness Package has been added to KalCash shop.

Darkes Package includes 5x Piece of Darkness Armor and 1 For weapon.

Darkness package costs 150 KC.

Hunting System.

Starting From Next week hunting Boss will be dropping 1 G60 Part besides the G55.

Schedule Changes.

Castle war has been reverted to it's normal time, Sunday 9:00 PM Server time.

Raid System time has been Changed to be on 8:00 PM Server time instead of 6:00 PM, Friday and Saturday.

Stay tuned for more information.