The KalOnline-X Team is not responsible for losing your secrect number, password or ID.Trading accounts or items for other servers or games is not allowed and will get you Permanent Blocked.Attempting to sell accounts or items for real money Is not our responsibility and if you got scammed doing this we will never get into such stuff, it's your decision.Sharing accounts or items is OWN RISK. We will never restore items when we find out you gave away your ID/PW or used the same ID/PW info on another server.

If your character is shared and is found "empty", we will not restore items. Sharing is a risk you take so only share with somebody you know well.If your character is shared and is found "empty", the players on which the items are now, will not be blocked. If you won't bother keeping the account for yourself, we won't bother spending time finding who took your stuff and block him.If you get scammed while trading items/accounts for another server, we will not restore the account/items because we cannot verify if the transaction occured on the other server or not.Keeping drops in party cannot be considered scamming. Don't party players that you don't know, and if you do, make a drop rule like finders-keepers.

Its not allowed to report something in public use support ticket instead or contact us ingame.There are always people trying to ruin the fun for others. There may be people that tell you they are GM's and ask for your items or id and password. Do not trust these people! A real GM will never ask you to give your items to him/her. We also will not ask you for your login data, if we need them, we can get them without asking. If you get scammed by these people we can not help you. We do expect a certain level of intelligence from the players here.GMs do not play active on this server that means : No players with stuff from GMs, no player who levels together with GMs in party and no GMs which help to make better weapons.If you discover (and can prove) that a GM is helping a player with items, please report this to admin and you will be rewarded.

Advertising other servers, in any way, is forbidden! You will be IP/HWID banned permanently.

Don't assassin during Castle War.Don't attack the GameMasters.Rebirth items will be disabled during castle war.

Donations for virtual items are 100% voluntary. Donations are considered a gift. This game server is FREE for all to play. We have a strict no refund policy so please consider this when you decide you would like to donate.Opening a dispute or claim with PayPal will result in an instant permanent ban of your account, whatever the outcome of the dispute/claim is, even if it’s in your favor.We will provide full logs of the donation, your account information and the way you spent the donation rewards in our game to PayPal. In the past, we have won all claims by providing this kind of evidence to PayPal.