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KalOnline-X Announcement
May 17, 2021

-Battlefield NPC has been added to temp fort.

-Battlefield starts today 21:00 GMT+2.

-Level required for Battlefield is 40.

-Make sure you have registered only 1 character to battlefield.

-Battlefield is mainly taking place today to take notes and test whole pvp system for next GvG's and CW.

-Guild leaders can message me to register their guilds for next week GvG matchups.

-Make sure you have already registered in the weekly discord giveaway event #discord-g.

-DB/Myst stones will be added to kalcash shop in the next update.

-Exp stone which included in level 61 daily quest will be be moved into level 50 daily quest.

-The daily quest reward changes will take place right after the next daily quests resets but visually will be changed right after next update.

-Make sure you have already obtained the downtime compensation by finishing level 29 daily quest.

-Normal and event quests has been added to the website.

-Quest and NPC's maps has been added to the website.

-Feathry and man's ToP's has been removed from D3F5+.

-There is no restart required for daily quest updates, BF or drop edits.

-Thanks for being a part of this project.

Stay tuned for more information.